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Who is a copywriter ?

Who is a copywriter ?
  • Who is a copywriter and how much money do they make?

Content writing in any way and topic is one of the most usable activities in this modern world. That is why today we are going to talk about copywriting.


  • What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of content writing and content marketing that makes people purchase products or ask for services. These include printable content or online content. Also, it can be the content that you provide for videos or marketing advertisements.

We call these texts “Copy” and the action of writing it “Copywriting”.

It may be hard for some people to distinguish between copies and another kind of writing but it’s quite common.

in our daily life, like Email writing that we all do from time to time.


Restaurants Advertisings, Shop’s product lists

Advertising for products selling or purchase services are some examples of copywriting in our world.

 Now let’s talk about CopyWriter.


  • Who is a Copywriter?

A Copywriter is a person who is responsible for content writing that is a professional and knowledgeable person in this field of work.

Most people believe that writing is a kind of a talent that many can not do or have, on the other hand, lots of others think that if they want to they can write better than anyone.

In copywriting’s world, none is true, only with practice and enough knowledge you can achieve the goal you have in mind.


  • What Bussiness and Companies use CopyWriter?

Copywriting is for all kinds of business. In online business, purchasing products. Requiring services, private business, and so on. 

For example, Apple is one the most successful companies in copywriting world. You can go and visit Apple's website to see their example of copywriting.

Apple uses all sorts of copywriting like videos, photos, and texts.


Lots of other companies use copywriting too, like:

Financial institutions and investment companies

• Pharmaceutical companies

• Food manufacturers

• Non-profit organizations

• Regional service providers, such as car mechanics and hairdressers

• Sports clubs and coaches

• Dentists, doctors, and other health care providers

Manufacturers of supplements and other free health products

This list is only a small part of businesses that uses and needs copywriting for their company.


  • What is the difference between ‘Copywriting’ and ‘Content writing’?

Overall, copywriting is writing content for advertisements and marketing as for special content writing that is writing that gives the customers information, editing websites, posts, and pages of products.

Most people believe that contents are just for informing facts and cant all for actions from customers.

But this idea is wrong because even in an informing content you can see that at the end they ask us to look at other relevant topics and contents too.

Actually, content writing and copywriting are not that different and content writing is one kind of copywriting.

Content writing like copywriting can grab people’s attention and cherish them to continue reading.


 Some rules for copywriting:

At first, let’s say they are so many rules and ways for copywriting but these that we want to say are the most common and reliable ones to become a successful copywriter.

  1.  Know your audience:

It is true that you are working for a company and get paid but pay attention that they are not your audience., Their customers are.

Knowing your audience and their needs and getting to communicate with them is the most important rule in the copywritng world.

Let me give you some advice for knowing your audience better:

-See other websites and social media that are your business’s competitors and see what they’re doing and what is their language for communicating with their customers.

-try to be more in online communities and search for your targeted customers. See what they need and want. Overall try to communicate more with your customers and try to know them better.

-Research: it’s true that knowing your audience is very important but knowing what products and services you are trying to write for are very critical too. Knowing enough details make you understand them better. For that understanding try to answer the below questions:

What are the pros and cons of the product?

How does it work?

What is its use for customers?

What makes your services better than others?
What evidence you can show to prove your claims?


You can use google for most of your research and gathering pieces of information.

 Follow three basic yet important rules of marketing, either you are a marketing manager or a copywriter, you should follow these three rules:


Rule number one: people don't like to be forced to buy something

 Most of us when we need something to buy know what to do and where to go and stay calm, a copywriting article can be a little bit forced and gave us the feeling that we are using control over things, that’s why you better make sure that you are talking to a customer with the same language as them and make them comfortable.


Rule number two: people buy things by their feelings and not their logic:

For example, people buy chocolate chip cookies because they like them even tho they have lots of calories and fats and are unhealthy for the body. They even are more expensive than other regular snacks.

Do you know why is that? Because it makes people feel better. When you are copywriting try to make people feel better about purchasing the product.


Rule number three: people after purchasing with feelings should have logical reasons too.

No one likes to be weak or seen as pathetic but others, we all want to be in control in our lives.

Let’s again talk about chocolate chip cookies. Eating them are nothing good for the body and they are not even real food to have nutritional value.

That is why for eating them we should have reasons to support them like, 

I had a long today. I deserve them.

They are on sale and it’s a one-time thing.

This brand uses organic products so it’s ok to eat them.

As you see these excuses can make us feel guilt and back off from buying them. That is why as a copywriter you should try to give people their logical reasons and tell them why they should buy those products.


Otherwise, it may happen that people couldn’t find the reasons themselves.

Try to talk about the advantages of the products not its features. Features are the marketing sides of the products. these advantages would tell people how your products will make their life easier. Also, it makes a connection between the customers and products or services. Having emotional connections are important.

At the very best, the pros of your product will bring out the emotional needs in people and make them buy your products.


  • How to be and professional copywriter?

When you write something for a product and that makes people buy it from you, then you are a professional copywriter. These are some ways to be that person:


This is one of the most important skills that a copywriter should know but it’s mostly ignored.

One of the things you should consider for writing skills is the ability to write your thoughts as clear and understandable as they can be.

Try to use a language that makes you closer whit the customers and makes them think you are a friend, not a seller.

For example for some products, you should bring out logical reasons for purchasing them. some times even you should try to tell the step by step use of your products for more understanding and you should do all of them in a voice that is clear and easy to process by your customers. If you write something that is confusing. Eventually, it will make the customers tired and they will no longer continue to read, so try to work on this skill as much as you can because it’s going to distinguish you from others.

Beacarfull because in order to do all the things above you should at first understand the needs of your boss.

That is why some meetings are arranged from time to time between you and them to clear things out and understand them better as time goes by.



Attend B2B courses or online classes

Try to read as many you can about B2B n companies.

Try to communicate between companies more

Go to gatherings that B2B is used and see it in action


  • How much money does a copywriter earn?

As with other jobs, it depends on the set of skills that you have and the quality of your writings. The salary of a copywriter, in fact, has lots of factors that you should consider so it doesn’t have a fixed salary.

Some companies work with percentages added to the main salary, which means more people buy a product because of your copies, they will give you a percentage of that sale. Companies that require specific and professional copywriters will spend more money to have better quality for them.

  In the end, we as DayaWork Team tried to give you some basic information in copywriting world. For more information and persuing this job, you should do more research and start to write even if it’s for yourself.

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